Version 5.24.0

Release notes - Carcare Development - Version 5.24.0

This version mainly focuses on backend changes to support additional rule types and changes of processes when a car get sold or unsold. We have added additional logging under history tab on different events as well a possibility to re-valuate the entire inventory. For this feature to become useful we are releasing exporting to csv format shortly. We are improving the purchase analysis module with continuos improvements as well as some bug squashing since the last release. If you are using leads/purchase state you are now able to send the car back to purchase/leads state if you by mistake have finished the state.



CD-1055 Valuate inventory fails on provider

CD-1052 State button - station next

CD-1051 Mail: Vehicle location is used as keylocation

CD-1036 Delivery dashboard date filter does not work when selecting a single day

CD-1032 Inactivate edit for hub vehicles.

CD-1031 Registration/vin/commission number should change on both hub/central if one of them is changed.

CD-1028 Adding subscribers does not work on rules

CD-1027 Null dates are shown as today in new mail template and add timezone to dates

CD-998 Multi-line inputs are not displayed as textarea in add wizards

CD-983 Setting manual price causes options to disappear

CD-873 Factory transport mode date can not be cleared

CD-871 Trim away white space in regno field under add car


CD-1029 Support for working days in CQL

CD-1018 Add delete button to manual valuation

CD-1017 Log creation/update/delete manual valuation has been made to preparation_log

CD-991 Set step size in slider on purchase analysis


CD-1009 Rule for When a car gets sold and unsold

CD-996 Add additional fields to manual adding of car

CD-995 Enable user to send back car to leads state (9)

CD-877 Show user under groups in admin

CD-859 onOrderCancelled extended support

CD-858 onOrderAdded in import JSON (unsold car gets sold)

CD-771 Log when changes are made to car information

CD-765 Export to csv from cogwheel

CD-711 Create button to re-value the whole inventory

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