Version 2023.24.1

Release notes – Carcare Development – Version 2023.24.1

The year is coming to an end and it is means we’re getting ready for the very last releases for Carcare for 2023. So here comes a little Christmas gift to our customers – a release that contains a little bit of everything possible to enhance your user experience.

Workflow with bookable stations

We want your work to flow as smoothly as possible, which is why we are now introducing an automated workflow with bookable stations. It gives you the option to schedule each station and then let the system reschedule the car according to which station is available next. This means that waiting time can be followed up separately from actual working time. Depending on your setup, you can automatically activate or deactivate stations and all changes that occur underway are saved as logs under the car’s history.

Date of inspection

You asked – we deliver! It is now possible to enter the next inspection date in the information about the car into the Carcare system.


CD-2443 Book a delivery on an archived vehicle should display a warning
CD-2562 Add UI changes to make the information in a information group required.
CD-2847 Change english language file to en\_GB and update translation values
CD-2848 Add United Kingdom as selectable country in country admin
CD-2901 Logs for workflow and work order improvements
CD-3003 Description of stock turn in report configuration needs to be updated


CD-408 Baskets in tablet somewhat broken design
CD-1771 Text in the confirmation pop up is not meaningful
CD-2312 Admin: Station groups missing translations
CD-2490 Mobile View – Issue with the navigations in the Division Administraton page
CD-2683 Clicking a label on a cc-checkbox in a FormArray always checks first occurence in the array.
CD-2720 Bid request create option is enabled for Buyers
CD-2835 When ’All’ is selected in division selector, dashboard tabs are not correctly loading
CD-2909 Updating user settings returns too much data
CD-2919 Add separate endpoint for customer admin saving
CD-2935 Fix core end customers
CD-2963 Adding station through test tab doesn’t update timeline
CD-2964 User is navigating to the 1st page of the list view after doing an action for an item in another page
CD-2976 Fullscreen lists have wrong margin left
CD-2991 Station timeline is not aligning properly in item header
CD-2993 Save custom list as new doesn’t copy selected columns
CD-3009 Getting an error when adding a tag in a wizard
CD-3016 Workflow planning statistics sometimes does not show correct


CD-2025 Turn on/off pool under division settings
CD-2940 Fix backend phpstan issues
CD-2945 Implement new not found page
CD-2946 Add GBP to market
CD-2985 Inspection date
CD-3000 Add itemUnsold event to event engine

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