Version 2023.10.0

Release notes – Carcare Development – Version 2023.10.0


We just released an even more detailed view of the detailed statistics. Now you can expand each section or station to see which cars that has passed through, starttime, stoptime and even visit the vehicle in order to get more details and history. If you want to sort the list of vehicles, just press the heading. In the grey section we have moved advertised vehicles to the advertised tab and instead replaced that kpi with purchased vehicles so now you are able to see purchased, sold and delivered cars within the selected period.

Rules are now in this release extended to after delivery as well, this enables follow-up-rules after a delivery.

CD-2250 Improve ”Activate estimated delivery” functionality in delivery

CD-2390 Improve detailed statistics

CD-2429 Add new ad on finn,no

CD-2486 Equipment section changes

CD-2489 Add ”has Tag” condition support to foresight

CD-2367 Stop finn ad

CD-1833 Market: Advert highest bidder name fails

CD-2320 Market: Allocate from email

CD-2435 Remove mandatory requirement for fields in condition report

CD-2329 In notify function, add files section to include dropdown.

CD-2479 Allow duration rules to trigger on delivered items until they are missing in import

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