Version 2022.5.0

Release notes - Carcare Development - Version 2022.5.0


A big request in Carcare is the ability to choose if you want to input milage in km or mil. Now we have support for both so you can choose your preference. The transportation support gets a small improvement so the destination is selected by default to the destination of the owner of the car, of course you can still change the destination.

New sections has been added to the quickview, tests can now be displayed by clicking the car in any list as well as the latest manual valuation. You can also create, edit or delete a manual valuation directly from the quickview. In order to see these new sections you need to check them under ”my settings” in the top right menu.

Timestamps have been added to tests throughout Carcare and we have also increased the view of latest tests from 10 to 50. The DMS syncronized vehicle switch under the cogwheel will also now work in lists, this means that if you are in the price and market dashboard and click your way into a list, that list will actually now match your filter setting.


CD-1649 Delivery information can not be a text input in interaction

CD-1648 When booking a delivery from interaction associated item information is not displayed in email

CD-1625 Manual valuations are not tied to car when imported or added manually

CD-1567 Weird z-index on Actions admin

CD-1544 Adjust top right menu to the name of the user

CD-1502 Station days does not work properly in custom lists


CD-1592 Update eslint

CD-1574 Add number type filter support

CD-1555 Add default stations when booking outside allowed leadtime

CD-1286 Auto select to destination on transport tab depending on delivery place

CD-1090 Make milage unit selectable between (km/mil)


CD-1639 Add a new dynamic section in lists that shows tests

CD-1627 Add option to create a manual valuation from list if there is none tied to the vehicle

CD-1624 Add storage containers and tests to CQL

CD-1577 Add time to testdate in quicktest history list + increase to 50 instead of 10

CD-1564 Add createdAt date to advanced search full screen mode

CD-1558 Add country code to core_countries

CD-1550 Remove unnessesary word in lists

CD-899 Log When a bookingDate is changed

CD-843 Add DMS-synced cars to cogwheel in regular lists

Carcare Market

You are now able to delete or hide bid requests. In the dashboard you can see how many bid requests within each price range you actually finished first. As a seller you can now view which buyer is places the best bids on average, not only the highest. We have added another sales channel in statistics which will display if you placed a bid request but then sold it to another party.

CD-1444 Best bid position on average, not highest bidder

CD-1557 Show biddingOutside under statistics in carcare market

CD-1542 Add number of bid position 1 in the price range

CD-1426 Delete/hide bid requests

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