Version 2021.14.0

Release notes - Carcare Development - Version 2021.14.0

Improved speed in purchase analysis to make the experience more smooth. We also made the mileage and regno always visible in the analysis. The valuation tab now only contains manual valuations and not automatic generated ones for more clarity. It is now possible to set dynamic lists that you subscribe on as startpage. A user can also choose to include all vehicle information in the quickview as well as manual valuations. This setting can be found under my settings.

We added support for input fields on state buttons and wizards. Checklists are also now supported from state buttons so you do not have to do them via email. Additional features added to Carcare Market which will continue to roll out.


CD-1447 Adding a station with booking date from the GUI doesn’t work if the station has a rule on booking date change


CD-1369 Double requests on purchase analysis

CD-1368 Improve speed on quick test

CD-1362 Purchase analysis speed improvement

CD-1296 Make top right menu wider


CD-1448 Automatically add user subscriptions to user when invite accepted.

CD-1446 Update market dashboard intervals

CD-1406 Dynamic lists as startpage

CD-1400 Show regno + milage on purchase analysis by default

CD-1399 Add all information fields tied to a car in list view

CD-1397 Add manual valuations in list quickview

CD-1392 Edit a valuation under purchase analysis

CD-1386 Hide Wayke analysises from history list under purchase analysis

CD-1274 State interaction buttons redo with new actions

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