Version 2021.1.0

Release notes - Carcare Development - Version 2021.1.0

In this version we released a new delivery support where the user can access a calendar view in both the delivery dashboard and inside the delivery tab of the car.

All deliveries can be added to your Outlook calendar. We walked away from slot times for delivery booking and instead you can freely book times that will be controlled by opening hours of the delivery location and the foresight.

Opening hours, delivery places and foresight can now be administered by the users in a new division administration.

Quick info when you press a row in lists has been redone to speed up the lists. A long with this a new integration has also been added to Eurotransport.


CD-1063 Division admin delivery location can’t be saved

CD-1030 Foresight: Transport station seems to be planned during weekends.


CD-952 Use foresight admin gui to improve interaction creation/editing


CD-1000 Extra delivery information and workorder info missing in list view

CD-994 Show hub flow under owning car flow in list view

CD-969 Eurotransport integration

CD-958 Make it possible to move a delivery forward in time

CD-948 Delivery admin fixes

CD-902 Redo quickinfo data loading

CD-888 Dynamic foresight administration tool under division administration.

CD-824 New Delivery setup

CD-823 Division administration

CD-538 Delivery booking to outlook calendar


CD-1049 Delivery migration

CD-1037 Clean up custom-list service

CD-963 Add dropdown selector for regex providers in administration

CD-945 Foresight fixes and additions to possible conditions

CD-889 Dynamic foresight administration backend.

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