Version 2021.3.0

Release notes - Carcare Development - Version 2021.3.0

This release mostly focused on hub/pdi support and dynamic lists with additional columns and relation support in CQL. We added delivering seller as subscriber to rules as well as a rule type for re-booking of a delivery.

A long with this we added further more speed improvements.


CD-1121 Still active Item transports should get moved to new item when item changes division.

CD-1120 Work orders (jobs) should get copied when item changes division.

CD-1119 Vehicle should have hub parking set and locked (if it exist) when stock location is changed.

CD-1112 Foresight stations are deleted if moved from showroom -> incoming

CD-1102 Purchase analysis percentage fields should have input

CD-903 Change bookingDate rule dropdown empty

CD-807 Import: Division change does not take into account if vehicle is allowed in state


CD-1113 Add owning deliveryDate as column in dynamic lists

CD-1110 Foresight deliveryDate comparison improvement

CD-1109 Implement cache for workorder file data.

CD-1103 Foresight suggestion on hub car should be taken from owning car

CD-1101 Fix models on purchase analysis

CD-1100 Rule to trigger on re-booking delivery

CD-1094 Add Transport to CQL

CD-1088 Add option to change time slot interval on delivery booking

CD-1087 Mobile fix flow view

CD-1079 Implement deliveringSeller as subscriber on rules

CD-1054 Show arrivedAt in quickview


CD-1118 Add purchase date to vehicle information in mail templates

CD-1114 Add unit to key figure graph tooltips

CD-1012 Enable state buttons in dynamic lists

CD-967 CQL – Add serviceschedule as related table in CQL


CD-966 Remove nexylan/slack integration and add symfony notifier instead.

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