Version 2021.2.0

Release notes - Carcare Development - Version 2021.2.0

A new flow calendar layout has been released in this version which enables the user to see when cars an overview of when stations are planned. We also introduced a new term for waiting for a station. This is to enlighten how much a car actually waits to be fixed instead of actually being fixed.

For those out there using Eurotransport – good news! We just released the integration for booking transportation via Eurotransport using Carcare.

On the delivery dashboard you can now show all deliveries on all divisions and not only one at a time, just choose ”all” at the division selection. You can now also book delivery on other sites than the car sits on, just change division when booking delivery. We further increased the performance in Carcare with some tweaks.

A new service has been released bidding service. If you are interested in getting bids on those hard selling cars – we have the buyers – both local and bigger ones. If you want to be on the other side and buy cars, give us a shout out and contact your reference at Carcare.

Release notes – Carcare Development – Version 2021.2.0


CD-1081 Division change on hub connected car does not get activated in flow

CD-1077 Purchasing seller is not shown by name in quickview

CD-946 Marking a SS checkup as completed in showroom on hub results in ”No serviceplan” in list


CD-1058 Investigate if caching is used correctly and update if needed


CD-1093 Add/Remove tag should be able to be used for central item

CD-1091 Add stockLocationId2 from CNIF to OrtId2

CD-1073 Prevent public-user api call in lists

CD-1071 Add centralItem.division, centralItem.delivered, centralItem.sold, centralItem.location to dynamic lists as columns

CD-1068 Remove sold information under advanced search

CD-1067 Auto stationNext upon trigger from Eurotransport

CD-1066 Auto archive hubItem upon Eurotransport trigger

CD-1065 Show recommended foresight deliveryDate in listExpandedView

CD-1061 Show tags in print view of deliveries

CD-1060 Filter all divisions on delivery dashboard

CD-1059 Add possibility to cancel booked transport

CD-960 Rule type to trigger when manual valuation is done on a car

CD-959 Create manual valuation through rules interaction (button)

CD-886 Add count to advanced search and dynamic lists

CD-870 Filter for service schedule does not work on hub

CD-865 Shared delivery location

CD-602 New layout in flow states

CD-367 SellerId tied to certain division


CD-1033 Use parent cars sold details on hubItem in lists

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